Digital publishing systems are the gold standard for digital asset management, disc publishing and printing. With decades of systems and software development, Global Leader in Disc Publishing, RIMAGE, has been offering automated digital publishing and provide unparalleled global service and support.

RIMAGE Medical Disc Publisher

PACSMART has been offering RIMAGE Disc publisher solution to healthcare providers across India for over 2 years and has successfully installed and has been supporting services in key healthcare institutes such as AIIMS, CMC Vellore, KMCH, SCT etc.

Digitization is the buzz word in current set up of radiology department. Keeping science intact, rapidly changing technologies have brought paradigm shift in the way radiology department has functioned so far.

The amount of digital information generated in medical applications that needs to be distributed and archived is increasing every day.

This growth, caused by digital imaging modalities and standardized patient information (medical health records), shows no signs of slowing down.

Replacement of expensive film or unwieldy paper records with low-cost optical media solutions designed to make information easy to use, durable and unalterable has been made easy with RIMAGE.

Rimage Medical Disc Systems contribute by replacing expensive film through low cost optical media in radiology whenever medical images have to be stored or distributed.

Rimage Medical Disc Systems exceed the demanding requirements regarding system reliability, integration with PACS and modalities.

data longevity data and print stability in healthcare and therefore have become the clear industry leader and key partner of all major healthcare companies.

RIMAGE offers several benefits to imaging specialists. The key features include:

  • Automated workflow by outputting DICOM images to CD or DVD instead of expensive film
  • Automatically record and print multiple CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs, from any PC, Mac, or other workstations on hospital network
  • Rimage disc publishing systems integrate with PACS and modalities to automatically distribute and archive patient medical images and record.
  • No mix-up of patient images with print information through fully automated disc recording and direct-to-disc label printing.
  • Comprehensive system status information in all DICOM applications.
  • RimageAPI for complete system integration with all medical software and hardware systems.
  • Long term printed disc stability preserving all relevant information against humidity, UV or mechanical exposure through pioneering thermal retransfer disc printing technology.

Find more details on http://www.rimage.com/sea/products.html